DOMA novel front cover design
From his college days, Madhu has been fascinated by storytelling. Writing was a natural outcome of this passion and he wrote short stories in Malayalam. Some of his stories were published in college magazines.
White poster final 1 - 29th Nov copyAfter joining the FTII, his priority became cinematography. He put a lot of effort to develop his talents in this field and naturally writing took a back seat.
He wrote his first screenplay “1:1.6, An Ode to Lost Love” in 1984 but it took him 20 years to put it on screen, completing the film in 2004. In 2007-2008, he wrote two scripts “Death of Madhu Ambat” and “Black Moon.” Both are ready to go to the sets.
Novel cover - February 2015 - 10.30amMadhu Ambat has finished transforming these two scripts into novels, marking his entry into the writing arena as a novelist. He writes in English and both are ready for publication.
Recently, he has finished another script: “Those with no Yesterdays…” This film with a stellar cast in Malayalam is expected to go on set soon. It is a love story happening during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan.  Done with thorough research, this film has all the potential of becoming a landmark film in Indian Cinema…